Welcome to SWELL INVESTMENT PVT. LTD .   DISCLAIMER : This website is related to trading of commodity futures , which can be risky and subject to fluctuations in value. Before entering this market, it's important to do thorough research, consult with experts, and carefully consider the risks involved.Swell Investment is not responsible for any trading losses. Commodity regulation is under process and subject to controlling under SEBON. No one had got license till now to carry out business and it’s trader’s responsibility to understand completely the legality as per law.

Since the inception in 2011 Swell investment is one of the leading investment solution provider for COMMODITY TRADING. We welcome a person's desire to grow his/her wealth and their investment dreams. We in swell investment guide and diversify investment for better, sustainable and risk-free return. Here, Investor are free to choose their desired investment platform and risk-return ratio. We have proven track record and our hundreds of satisfied clients are here to verify. We have experienced and dedicated experts in their relevant field to excel the growth of your investment. Not only this but also we have been involved in many CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) which refers to a business practice.

Commodity trading is a niche area in the finance world that in recent years has been gaining more interest among individuals who are seeking alternative trading instruments from the usual stocks and bonds. These include important and precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, and energy commodities like oil and natural gas. Both metals and energies are considered as hard commodities, since they are mined or extracted. Commodities such as wheat, sugar, corn and cocoa are known as soft commodities. Unlike hard commodities, they are products that are grown, rather than extracted or mined. Commodity trading in the financial markets work in a similar manner to the two ways mentioned above. Traders can trade commodities based on current spot price (e.g. Spot Gold, Spot Silver) and make, or lose, money depending on whether the price moves for or against their position. Traders can also opt for a future contract as well. Unlike a spot position, a future contract will expire at a specified future date.

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