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The Private Hospital And Gov Hospital

June 13, 2023, 2:15 p.m. Blog Image

The truth is, if I go to a private hospital, I have paid 110,000 for the doctor's fee during the operation of small stones. When I check the hospital expenses, the hospital expenses for 2 days reach 25,000, which is the money of working in the bay for 1 year. They talk about changes and improvements. * 3 hour line to buy tickets. * 4 hour queue to see a doctor after buying the ticket. * After the doctor asked to do a blood test, there was an hour line at the hospital. * At the exact time of donating blood, it takes 20 minutes to find out where the money is to be paid. * One hour line to pay after reaching 100 number. * After arriving in front of the cashier, he said that he stamped the ticket and then queued at the ticket counter for 1 hour to stamp again. When can you seal, when to pay money, when to give credit. And sometimes the report comes and the treatment can be done. I understand a little bit, how can a normal villager get treatment in this country? Ramram Nepal's health sector. This is done by paying money and insurance, if there is a case of surgery, it takes six months to a year, if you have to do a video x-ray, it takes a week to fifteen days. If there are many service receivers, if there are no more machines and work tools, then why do not go back after seeing the behavior of these government hospitals, who refuse to provide services, rob people's money in the name of insurance, and do not go back.