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Stege Of Trader

Sept. 6, 2023, 12:53 p.m. Blog Image

Stages of a true trader. 1-6 months. -Beginners luck. This is where you miraculously change 100 usd to 899 usd in 3 days the later you lose it all. -The first batch soldiers retire here, about 60%. -They proceed to post that the financial markets are a scam. They get validated by other online strangers and they feel very happy. -The second batch of soldiers realize there is more to this than luck. That's where real work begins. 6 months- 2 years. -You are changing strategies like an under wear searching for the holy grail. -Risk management is not in your vocabulary. -Ego is your friend. -You are making huge profits followed by huge losses. -More soldiers retire here. 3-4 years. -You have settled on one strategy. -You have realized that this is not a rich quick scheme. -Risk management is not your friend still. -You are still not following your rules. -You have alot of negative emotions associated with trading losses. -You are not gaining and you are not losing. 5-6 years. -You are very very humble by now. -You are gaining very very small profits. -You have followed your Trading Plan for at least 6 months now. -You are beginning to feel confident. -You don't trade daily. -You are beginning to trust your strategy. 7-10 years. -You are able to get in a prop firm and sustain it for several years. -You are seeing consistent profits. -No huge drawdowns. -You are trading an admirable account. -You have become a true money manager. 10-15 years. -You are a trading monk. -You probably have employed a psychologist. -You are trading like the big banks now.  RSS COMMODITY Nepal